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Our Focus

We design & develop quality products, catered to each of our clients individual needs.
Web Design

Our passion is web design. Each design we develop is meticulously crafted to represent our client to the best of our abilities. Well thought out font selections, colour schemes and visuals all come together to accurately express WHO each unique client is and what they offer.


We understand users and their expectations. Quick loading sites that are easy to navigate and skillfully laid out, with content that is pleasant to read and truly engages the user is at the heart of what creates an excellent user experience.

Mobile First

All of the websites we create are built mobile first. This means that they're designed for the smallest screen first (cell phone), working our way up to the largest screen (desktop computer). Mobile first is the best strategy for creating a responsive or adaptive website.


Web accessibility is the practice of removing barriers that prevent or hinder the ability of people with disabilities from accessing information or functionality of a website. We follow international standards in an effort to develop websites that are useful to everyone.

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Website Maintenance
  • Freelance
  • Hosting
  • Domain Names

About US

MEGHAN has worked as a front end web developer since 2000. She's experienced the landscape of websites change significantly in her nearly two decades in the field and has made it her goal to not only embrace the evolution of website design and development, but has also stayed up to date on current web best practices. As a result, she has been able to provide her clients with high quality websites that are modern and function well.

RYAN began his career as a 3D animator in 2000 and has since delved into a variety of different avenues in the multimedia field. He has a passion for learning programming languages, fine art and game development. Whether it be debugging, designing or programming, Ryan is always up for the challenge.

What We Offer

Custom Design

We work closely with our clients to determine their needs in order to design beautiful websites, suited to their tastes and their audience.


Our code is clean, concise and validated before launching any website. This ensures it will not only function well, but will run well on all devices.


We can't future-proof a website (no one can), but by creating a well crafted, totally responsive website, we can come close!

Hosting/Domain Names

Do you need hosting or a domain name for your new website? We work closely with a Maritime-based hosting company that offers fantastic rates.


Everyone has the right to access the web, including those with disabilities. Historically websites had limited accessibility, but not anymore.

UX (User Experience)

We build websites that not only function well, but are beautiful too! Why compromise one for the other when you can have both?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

There's no point in having a website if no one can find it. Luckily we understand and utilize white hat techniques to ensure your site ranks well.

Website Maintenance

We can update websites that we've built, and those built by other developers, regardless of the platform.


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